What To Do When Experiencing a Locked Keys in Car Situation?

Published: 11th March 2011
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Almost all individuals would agree with the fact that they had to experience a situation of locked keys in car. It is one of those honest mistakes that happen when we are in a hurry and the time it takes to come out of this can be quite irritating and frustrating. For example, you stop over to the supermarket on your way to work to buy some chips and realize later that you have forgotten the keys in the car and have locked yourself out. It might seem a totally idiotic situation and one that would never happen with you but statistics have shown that at least one in four Americans has experienced this problem once in their lives. There is nothing to get frustrated over in these situations as there are some simple solutions to get the keys out of the car.

The best one and also the method which is tried by most are to get hold of emergency locksmith services. Some of these companies or individuals can be called at anytime because of the fact that they work 24/7 and base their living on these emergencies. Moreover, this method is far easier than having to 'pick' the lock of the car. Whether you are stuck in a busy supermarket or a service station out of town, these 24 hour locksmith services would ensure that they reach you in time and get the job done. However, in order to ensure that their services can be hired at the right time, it is crucial to have their contact with you at all times.

Although their number isn't a simple hotline but many would agree that having this number is sometimes as crucial as law enforcement or medical help. There are a number of companies which provide emergency locksmith service and they can be found over the internet. Browse a number of companies before selecting one that seems to provide good service, is reputed in what it does and is willing to work ANYTIME. Although, the costs of such companies are slightly higher than the others, it is good to browse for more to ensure that the rates charged are competitive and not outrageous.

Individuals with cars older than year 1990 (highly unlikely in today's time) can try the wire hangers. This method usually involves using a knife to bring a gap between the door and the window. When the lock is visible, the wire hanger is used to unlock the car by pulling up or pressing down. However, as aforementioned car models coming after the year 1990 might not respond well to the situation. Moreover, if you are not willing to try a locksmith then it is best to get the car towed otherwise using such tricks might damage the vehicle more in locked keys in car situation.


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