Some of the World's Famous People with Schizophrenia

Published: 27th November 2009
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Schizophrenia by definition is a mental disorder that is exemplified by abnormal expressions and perceptions of reality. Auditory hallucinations, odd delusions and a lack of organization in thoughts and speech, describes this disorder. Neurobiology, genetics, the environment and social as well as the psychological atmosphere in which a person is surrounded serve as the key factors to acquiring schizophrenia.

People who are schizophrenic have co-morbid conditions such as anxiety disorders and clinical depression. Because of the frequent health problems and increasing suicidal rate, the life expectancy of the schizophrenics is being reduced. The diagnosis of schizophrenia is based on the behavior that was being observed and of course, the experiences that transpired in his/her life. Back in the late 1950s, when chlorpromazine was born, the treatment of schizophrenia was looked upon. But are you intrigued as to who among the famous people has schizophrenia? What will be written below are the list of famous people with schizophrenia.

John Nash - an American mathematician, who worked in differential game theory, geometry and partial differential equations. He had symptoms of schizophrenia during his college years and was later on diagnosed with mild clinical depression and paranoid schizophrenia. Despite such diagnosis, Nash didn't lose hope. He still continued his studies and became the winner of the Leroy P. Steel Prize, John von Neumann Theory Prize, and the very prominent Nobel Prize in 1994. If you were able to see that movie "Beautiful Mind" that was based on his life - how he struggled fighting with schizophrenia and yet emerged to be a genius.

William Chester Minor - an American surgeon who made very important contributions to the Oxford English Dictionary. He later joined the Union Army after completing his education. When American Civil War ended, he began to seeing prostitutes. His condition continued to become worse as he had been admitted to a lunatic asylum in Washington DC. He shot a man due to his paranoia, he believed that the man tried breaking into his room however, as expected, he was judged innocent on the grounds of insanity. Later on he came to know of the requirement of volunteers to create the Oxford English Dictionary, which is known to be the booksellers of London. He is one of the best volunteers contributing to the Oxford English Dictionary. His condition deteriorated even more as he was diagnosed schizophrenia and later died on 1920.

Why is there a need to know some of the famous people with Schizophrenia? This is to emphasize that this sickness can affect anyone - without regard to social status, gender, or age.


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