Genital Warts Symptoms: Don't Miss It or It Can Get Worse

Published: 07th May 2010
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In medicine, most cases of genital warts symptoms vary from one person to another. In fact, there are times wherein it could be labeled as another medical condition. Sometimes, Genital HPV doesn't appear physically, like warts; often misleading people in believing they have something else.

Truth is, you might have already suffered from all the genital wart symptoms but not see any warts at all. The warts, themselves could be so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye. This is a common reason as to why people believe that they suffer from a different condition.

With this reason, you are advised to ask help from a physician. Your genital wart symptoms will be dealt with and he or she could conduct tests in order to find out if whether or not you actually have genital warts. One procedure being done to find out if it is indeed a genital wart is to dab a small bit of acetic acid on the area where there are warts.

However, the genital warts symptoms could be often missed especially if it is located in the vaginal wall area. When this happens, it could be mistaken for another condition like the yeast infection.

It is important to have an accurate diagnosis performed by an expert as this will allow you to have the proper treatment according to your condition. Self-diagnosis could be dangerous as this would just lead you to the wrong direction which would just worsen the matter.

But the most important thing that you must not do is to just ignore the genital warts symptoms as this would just surely damage your health and would lead to a more serious condition like cancer of the cervix. If you think you are currently suffering from recurrent genital warts symptoms, you need to consult immediately as this could be the precursor of more serious conditions like cervical cancer or worst, HIV AIDS.

In special cases such as that, the genital symptoms are perhaps the signs of a more serious condition that would put you in more intense trouble. This is the sole reason why there is a need for you to consult with your doctor the soonest time possible. With the consultation, you will be given the right diagnosis and if you are indeed having a genital wart, you will be treated immediately. But then, even if you manage to get rid of the genital warts symptoms, the virus itself which is HPV, could not be treated.


Don't be fooled by all those products out there that promise to cure this condition. There is no cure, but there are products available to help control genital warts symptoms that are effective. Stop living with this condition everyday and find out which treatment of genital warts is most effective .

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