Catching Mice Is Easier than You Might Think!

Published: 10th December 2009
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When it comes to catching mice, the first things that come to mind is often a cat or a mouse trap. While many people simply rely on a cat, others may be allergic or simply not like cats. No matter what the reason, when it comes to catching mice, you want the most effective means possible to get rid of these rodents.

What Are the Most Effective Means of Catching Mice?

The original mouse trap, while still very effective, is rather disgusting. The spring loaded lever is quite brutal, but will normally kill the mouse. Disposing of the dead critter is rather gruesome and many people simply cannot deal with seeing the gore that this trap often brings.

There are new traps available now that are very effective, but without all the view of the dead animal. These traps lure the mouse inside and kill it much the same way as the cheap traps you can find at any hardware store. The difference is that there is an enclosure over and around the trap. You simply pick it up and throw the entire thing away. No mess, no gore, and no nasty germs to be found.

Some people rely on poisons, which are also very effective. However, one of the main problems with this method for catching mice is that if anything other living thing eats it; it is deadly to them to, as well. This includes your children and your pets. If you rely on this method, you will want to ensure that your pets and children cannot get into the poison. It is often not feasible to put out poison if you have to put up really high to keep these members of your family out of it!

While a sonic repellent does not actually catch the critters, it can help to get rid of mice. This machine produces a high frequency that humans and most pets cannot hear. It also works to repel other pests, such as roaches, spiders, and ants. In some cases, you can use several throughout your house to completely get rid of any pests and prevent them from entering your home again.

In closing, it is really important that you keep a handle on these pests. They carry a ton of diseases, leave droppings everywhere, and can quickly destroy much of your property. In some cases, they can even cause a fire if they were to gnaw through the electrical wires in your home or attic. Choose whichever method you think will best meet your needs, but do not be afraid to try an additional method if the first one does not work.


Does the sight or sound of those furry little rodents make your stomach queasy? If so, you need proven methods for catching mice that work quickly and effectively. Come see why getting rid of mice is not as hard as you might think!

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